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Rachael Camp, NHS Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist

Feed your future, one meal at a time. 

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Hi, I'm Rachael

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 A registered NHS Dietitian and Registered Associate Nutritionist, my purpose is to provide you with guidance, expertise, and comprehension regarding nutrition in a manner that empowers you to make personalised changes.


I hold a BSc in Human Nutrition from Bath Spa University and a Masters in Dietetics from Kings College London, equipping me with the ability to offer evidence-based, safe, and tailored information to each client. My understanding of research methodology, human physiology, and biological processes enables me to comprehend the intricate mechanisms of metabolism and their relevance to various diseases and health conditions. I embarked on a personal training journey in 2014, making the inception of my work with individuals. With my academic pursuits included, I have accumulated approximate ten years of experience guiding people towards improved health outcomes and personal goals. 


Regardless of your nutrition objectives, we will collaborate to ensure you have control over your nutrition journey and that your goals are attainable. While you put in the effort, I am here as a resource to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

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